Instrument Rack Meal Prep Kit (Ableton Live 11 Suite)

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Please make sure you are updated to Live 11.3.2 before using!! Some racks require free packs included with suite.

These are 42 instrument racks that help me get ideas down without having to craft an entirely new sound from scratch each time I need a new instrument. All of the racks are completely randomizable to effortlessly get new variations of the racks. Free updates including new instrument racks will be distributed over time.

Keys and Leads:

  • Analog Feels - The perfect emulator to an analog synth, also great for lo-fi
  • Anxious Stars - A jiggly jumping star synth that's constantly moving
  • Lush Keys - Perfect for setting the mood to your song, and easy to make grow and evolve
  • Ocean Color Bass - A heavily layered color bass synth that sprinkles and shines and swooshes like water
  • Spectral Bubble - A video game-y bubble synth that works great as a lead
  • Spectral Icing - A colorful lasery sound that work great as chord stabs
  • Super Cute Video Game Keys - A synth built for evolving from super staccato plucks to lush wavy soundscapes


  • Agro Face Bass - An aggressive heavy sustain bass perfect to intensify riddim and dubstep tracks.
  • Basic Yoy - The classic yoy sound from dubstep. Fully tweakable
  • Bass Preset Selecta (CPU INTENSIVE) - A collection of 128 Ableton-made bass presets to scroll through and pick without having to switch out the instrument.
  • Dank Reese - A versatile reese rack to set the mood in your intros and melodic sections or to slap in fills to create big moments.
  • Dirty and Disgusting and Gross - A heavily processed sustain bass that will definitely give you stank face.
  • Epic FM Bass - A nostalgic sustain that almost feels like you're getting electrocuted.
  • Factory Builder - An industrial all purpose bass to give your tracks a metallic alien feel.
  • Fobb Bass - A wubbing bass that talks!
  • Kick808 Combo - A thicc sub for quick 808 action.
  • Scary Sprite - An almost video game-y bass that changes greatly with the turn of a knob or two.
  • Square Riddim - An easy riddim starter kit that comes loaded thicc.
  • Sustain Bass Starter Kit - A rack ready for loading effects on a sustain bass without muddying the sub!

Drum Builders:

  • Metallic Snare - Easy start a sound design session to record snares similar to sophie
  • Saucer Kick - A kick that will absolutely punch through your mix and easily tweakable
  • Rim-Perc Synthesizer - An easy tool for synthesizing and customizing rim and percussion sounds

Hybrid/Trap Leads:

  • Bababooey (Metal Trap) - A metal trap boi with a built in sub bass and sing-maker
  • Basic Trap Synth - Nostalgic to 2012/2013 trap
  • Quacky Botler - A robotic duck, you could make it sound like it's trying to speak by automating the knobs
  • Wooper - A bubbling popping woop sound, i love using this for build ups.


  • Hi-End Sizzle - A tweakable texture to add some noise to your tracks.
  • Laser Zap - The perfect sprinkles to make your track sound spacey or videogamey.
  • Operator Riser - A hefty sixteen-knobber with many possibilities to create tension leading up to your drop.
  • Water Starter - A synthesized water noise for bubbly texture or to make a wet synth out of!

FREE UPDATE #1: (May 24, 2023)

  • Modularish Operator - An Operator rack intended to generate rhythmic FM basses, with distortion preset selectors
  • Pretty Synth Starter - An easy way to generate lush synths perfect for any melodic vibes
  • The Riddim Tearout Guy Thing - A generative rhythmic bass that your neighbors will hate you for.
  • Wonder Forest - An arp that can transform from plucks to lush waviness
  • A Cool One - A gross bass generator that comes with a built in beat repeat for spazzing glitches
  • A Cool One 2 - An even grosser version of the first one with more macros and more stereo
  • Neuro Reese - A starter for making a squelchy alien neuro reese
  • ToyBot Bassboi - A big-bassed sound that sounds like a toy robot on each generation
  • This One Growl Rack - So there's this one growl rack where you can get a ton of different growl patterns... you just have to see
  • Spectrbirb - A holographic bird from the year 4877
  • AI Taking Over - A great sound generator for signaling a computer/digital related theme for your track
  • Random Sampler Template - OK so this one you have to drag in your own samples (one shots work great) ((up to 128)) and your ears may or may not be very pleased.
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42 Quality Ableton Instrument Racks


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Instrument Rack Meal Prep Kit (Ableton Live 11 Suite)

12 ratings
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